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Radware APSolute Vision

Smart and Efficient Application Delivery and Network Security Management

Use This Product For:

  • Advanced Performance Monitoring (APM)
  • Central Monitoring
  • Multi-Device Management

APSolute Vision provides site wide visibility, centralized control and policy management for the APSolute product family from one central console. Network and Security administrators can proactively monitor network activity and threats and tune network behavior by quickly detecting, isolating and resolving problems before they impact user and business productivity.

As a central element of APSolute solutions, APSolute Vision harnesses the full power of integrated APSolute OS health monitoring, application optimization and security services. It provides immediate visibility into the real-time APSolute OS Layer 3-7 health monitoring plus security, session and deep-packet inspection information that is used to optimize application delivery without depending on any specific middleware, software or custom code.

APSolute Vision provides the following key benefits:

Radware APSolute Vision Models

APSolute Vision Appliance

APSolute Vision Appliance

  • Designed for multi-device/site management
  • Q9400 Intel Quad 2.6Ghz
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports (Copper)
  • USB Port Front Panel

APSolute Vision Virtual Appliance

APSolute Vision Virtual Appliance

APSolute Vision is a fully-featured management and monitoring tool packaged as a virtual appliance running on server virtualization infrastructure, providing identical functionality to APSolute Vision physical appliance.