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Radware Alteon Virtual Appliance (VA)

Maximum Business Agility with Radware's SoftADC Solution

Alteon Virtual Appliance (VA) is a fully-featured Alteon Application Switch packaged as a virtual appliance running on server virtualization infrastructure, providing identical functionality to Alteon physical ADC devices including local and global server load balancing, Layer 7 capabilities and application acceleration.

Alteon VA is a key component of Radware's Virtual Application Delivery Infrastructure (VADI™) architecture, which transforms computing resources, ADC and virtualization services into an integrated, agile and scalable Application Delivery Virtualization Infrastructure. It is designed to bridge across the underlying hardware resources and to cater to the various application needs in terms of SLA and performance predictability while delivering maximal agility to the application delivery space. Radware VADI transforms standard application delivery infrastructure into a virtual application delivery control plane.

Alteon VA is one of the three ADC form factors offered as part of Radware's VADI architecture, along with dedicated Alteon device and ADC-VX. The three form factors of ADC services allow Radware's customers to match the most suitable solution for their application SLA, scale, deployment model and agility requirements.

Virtualized Application Delivery Infrastructure

Maximum ADC Agility

Alteon VA is designed to provide maximum ADC agility for private and public cloud environments as well as for enterprise virtualized data centers. While taking advantage of the virtual infrastructure dynamic provisioning, decommissioning and business agility, Alteon VA virtual appliances can be rapidly provisioned and deployed in the data center to perform application delivery services and provide greater business agility.

Drives Workflow Automation

When integrated with orchestration systems in the data center, Alteon VA unleashes the full agility of application delivery services and drives workflow automation and greater level of efficiency in the virtualized data center. For example, a centralized orchestration system that manages all the data center elements can be utilized to rapidly create a new service involving several elements in the data center, including virtual machines, web and application servers, storage, and ADC. Alteon VA provides the orchestration system with the required API to provision and configure the ADC as part of the new service deployment, resulting in high level workflow automation and increased efficiency in the data center.

The Right Application Delivery Choice for Cloud Service Providers

Alteon VA is an ideal solution for cloud Service Providers that offer application delivery services as well as other computing services with very high business agility to their customers. Cloud service providers that are looking to achieve high utilization of their hardware by running multiple services on shared hardware, can leverage Alteon VA to meet their service offering goals. It enables them to offer a SoftADC solution that meets their business objectives.

Radware's unique offering of three form factors is fully aligned with cloud providers' tiered approach to service level guaranty, as it enables them to offer differentiated ADC services based on customer SLA requirements, while still benefiting from the same level of agility and a unified management of all ADC instances. In addition, Alteon VA integrates unique capabilities that enable cloud service providers to offer Alteon VA through a self service portal to enhance the automation even further.

Easy Migration from Test Environments to Production

Alteon VA is very useful tool for lab, testing, and demo environments, where network, security, and application teams can quickly deploy it to test how applications and networks will respond in a production environment when managed by an Alteon device. Once testing is concluded, users can either deploy the application and the Alteon VA in the production environment or easily migrate from the Alteon VA to the preferred ADC form factor utilized in the production environment, since Alteon VA is identical in features and capabilities to the other form factors. This approach simplifies the integration between the developed application and Alteon VA and shortens the deployment time of new applications and services in the virtualized and cloud data centers.

Alteon VA Licensing Options

As part of Radware’s Smart Business Data Center strategy, Alteon VA benefits from Radware’s OnDemand approach that eliminates over-spending on the initial solution and allows customers to pay only for the required capacity. Therefore, Alteon VA OnDemand scalability of throughput allows customers to start with throughput capacity of 200Mbps and to scale up to 1Gbps.

Download the Radware Alteon Virtual Appliance (VA) Datasheet (PDF).