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Private/Hybrid Cloud Load Balancing Solutions

Expand Business Possibilities and Improve Overall Efficiency with Cloud Load Balancers

Enterprises adopt cloud technologies to improve overall efficiency and expand business possibilities via dynamic costs. Highly virtualized data centers are creating private clouds for best utilization of corporate resources. Off-premise usage of cloud services expand capacity and streamline application development outside of the IT infrastructure.

Radware's cloud-ready application delivery controller (ADC) reduces the costs of maintaining the private cloud's virtualized infrastructure, ensures end-users always receive the best QoE. Our cloud load balancer guarantees continued access to local and remote business critical applications and services.

Our cloud load balancing solutions address all emerging and future challenges while accommodating future business growth:


Private Cloud Solutions:

Alteon Application Delivery for VMware vCloud Director and Openstack

Radware's Alteon provides advanced load balancing as a service (LBaaS) for VMware vCloud Director and Openstack, with out-of-the-box integration and customization.

Alteon for VMware vCloud Director
Alteon for VMware vCloud Director

Alteon, fully integrated into the VMware vCloud framework, allows enterprises to migrate existing enterprise applications into VMware vCD infrastructure, increasing the value of their vCD investment. Alteon Virtual Appliance (VA), a key component of the Alteon LBaaS Solution significantly expands VMware vShield Edge basic load balancing functionality to offer advanced application delivery services such as SSL offloading, URI-based traffic steering, L7 policies and advanced health checks. The solution is based on dedicated, per-tenant virtual appliance instances ensuring that tenants are not impacted by each other and that each has its dedicated capacity and networking resources.

Alteon for Openstack
Alteon for Openstack

Additionally, as of the release of OpenStack Havana, Alteon provides load balancing as a built in OpenStack service (the only commercial load balancing solution natively supported in OpenStack Havana) which is part of the OpenStack Neutron networking driver. By leveraging the Alteon LBaaS solution for OpenStack, enterprises can enjoy the flexibility to deploy enterprise applications on any cloud infrastructure while enjoying a consistent QoE and maintaining SLA assurance for their applications.

Radware offers the industry's only application delivery controller ready for the private cloud, via our Virtual Application Delivery Infrastructure (VADI), which helps improve business agility with a cloud load balancing service.

How VADI Works in the Private Cloud
How VADI Works in the Private Cloud

Due to their lack of mobility, slow provisioning times and lack of agility, existing ADC models do not fit well in cloud environments. IT organizations are utilizing virtualization technologies to create virtual application silos, i.e. private, isolated environment that includes all the network and application layers that are required to serve an application. The ADC is a critical component to ensure application availability and performance.

VADI provides virtual application delivery instances (vADCs) that fit into the virtual application silos
VADI provides virtual application delivery instances (vADCs) that fit into the virtual application silos

  • vADCs run on top of Radware's ADC-VX or as a virtual appliance on general server virtualization infrastructure
  • vADCs preserve the application privacy and isolated environment while guaranteeing the application SLA
  • vADCs unmatched agility and mobility improve service rollout times and new customer adoption

Easy Automation
Easy Automation

Radware's vDirect plug-in provides seamless integration of the ADC into your cloud eco-system allowing you to auto provision and decommission capabilities through a customer facing portal and data center management system.

Reduce Planning Risk and Costs
Reduce Planning Risk and Costs

Radware VADI offers multi-tiered on-demand pay-as-you-grow scalability that allows you to reduce capacity planning risks. Purchase only what you need now and the system will grow with your needs.

Reduce Deployment Time & Maximize Performance
Reduce Deployment Time & Maximize Performance

Radware's AppShape technology allows you to reduce your application delivery services deployment time by 86% while guaranteeing maximum value for each business critical application in terms of availability, performance and security.

AppShape offers the following additional features and benefits.

  • Simple configuration templates and wizards for popular business applications
  • Application-centric view including operations screens, logs, and compliance allows for simplified management in the ADC
  • Per application trend analysis and resource utilization reporting for capacity planning

Hybrid Cloud Solutions:

Radware's hybrid cloud solutions enable load balancing, high availability and performance optimization for applications spanning across hybrid cloud environments. They allow simultaneously running applications across private data centers and an external cloud infrastructure – with controlling optimal traffic distribution. With global load balancing, application acceleration and continuous monitoring of quality of experience, Alteon ADC provides consistent application access regardless of private or public cloud data centers.

Radware's hybrid cloud solution, which is part of Alteon Virtual Application Delivery Infrastructure (VADI), enables consistent access to business applications that are deployed across public cloud and private datacenter infrastructures. It allows users to develop applications and related L4-L7 ADC policies in the cloud and seamlessly migrate the ADC policies to the private datacenter.

By deploying Alteon ADC in the private datacenter and Alteon VA in the supported cloud infrastructures, such as AWS cloud, customers can achieve:

  • Rapid & Flexible Application Rollout
  • Operational Simplicity
  • Improved HA Posture

Alteon VA for Amazon Web Services

Alteon VA's availability on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace allows Radware customers to deploy mission critical applications on the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with ease while retaining the application delivery functionality they have been used to in their on-premise datacenters.

Key benefits include:

  • Ability to run business critical applications across private data centers and the Amazon Cloud, enabling businesses to benefit from both high SLA and flexible cost
  • Increased support for application development on Amazon Web Services cloud for later migration into a private data center
  • Functionality that is critical to global application deployments of high SLA applications – Application Performance Monitoring (APM), Web Performance Optimization (FastView) and built-in GSLB
  • Reduction in overall IT costs, scalable infrastructure capacity, and the ability to rapidly deploy applications globally

Alteon VA for IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise

Alteon VA for IBM SmartCloud Enterprise (SCE) is a fully functional application delivery controller solution packaged as a virtual appliance, fully certified for IBM SCE environments. It provides an application-aware approach to deploying and managing application server load balancing to guarantee application full availability and maximum performance. Alteon VA provides identical functionality to Alteon physical ADC solutions.

Key benefits include:

  • Integrated application delivery controller (ADC) services for mission critical applications running on IBM SCE
  • Ensures non-stop business availability and fastest application response time
  • Consistent and simple application deployment methodology for both application virtual machines and associated ADC services