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Radware AppWall Virtual Appliance

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Radware AppWall Virtual Appliance

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Radware AppWall Virtual Appliance
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AppWall Virtual Appliance (VA) is a full featured AppWall Web Application Firewall packaged as a virtual appliance running on server virtualization infrastructure, providing identical functionality to a AppWall physical appliance including management, reporting and clustering.

What Does AppWall Do?

The Web can be a dangerous place to conduct business. This unfortunate reality transforms state-of-the art web application security and enterprise network security from a nice-to-have into a mission critical mandate. Radware's got your back with AppWall, a Web application firewall solution.

AppWall is a Web application firewall solution that ensures fast, reliable and secure delivery of mission-critical Web applications. It enables PCI compliance through mitigation of Web application security threats and vulnerabilities, preventing data theft and manipulation of sensitive corporate data, and protecting customer information. Additionally, it reduces the increasing risk of your enterprise's infrastructure being used to attack others.

AppWall is a core part of Radware's next-generation Attack Mitigation System (AMS).

AppWall is also available as the industry's first hybrid-based cloud WAF service.

What Makes AppWall a Better Web Application Firewall Solution?

AppWall offers patent-protected technology to create and maintain enterprise network security policies for widest security coverage with the lowest false positives and minimal operational effort.

Once enabled, the auto policy generation module within AppWall analyzes the security related attributes of the protected Web application and derives the potential threats in the application. The Web application is then mapped into application zones, each with its own common potential threats. Finally it generates individual, granular protection rules for each zone and sets a policy in blocking mode. Once it has completed the optimization process, false-positives are minimized and maintain best enterprise network security coverage.

Radware's Web Application Firewall solution offers comprehensive web applications security, addressing web application security vulnerabilities with:

ICSA Certified Web Application Firewall
Recognized for both the appliance and VM versions, ICSA Labs certifies AppWall for its depth and breadth of vulnerability protection, effectiveness, ease of implementation and low operation overhead.

Full Coverage Out-of-the-box of OWASP Top-10 Threats
Including injections, cross site scripting (XSS), cross site request forgery (CSRF), broken authentication and session management and security misconfiguration.

Data Leak Prevention
Identifying and blocking sensitive information transmission such as credit card numbers (CCN) and social security numbers (SSN).

Zero-day Attacks Prevention
AppWall positive security profiles limit the user input only to the level required by the application to properly function, thus blocking zero-day attacks. The positive security profiles are a proven protection against zero-day attacks.

Protocol Validation
AppWall enables HTTP standards compliance to prevent evasion techniques and protocol exploits.

XML and Web Services Protection
AppWall offers a rich set of XML and Web services security protections, including XML validity check Web services method restrictions, XML structure validation to enforce legitimate SOAP messages and XML payloads.

Web Application Security Vulnerabilities
Signature protection offer the most accurate detection and blocking technology of Web application vulnerability exploits. AppWall negative security profiles offer comprehensive attack protection.


Easy Migration From Test Environments to Production

  • AppWall VA is a Web application security tool that is useful for lab testing, and demo environments, where network, security, and application teams can quickly deploy it to test how applications and networks will respond in a production environment when managed by an AppWall device.
  • Once testing is concluded, you can either deploy the application and the AppWall VA in the production environment or easily migrate from the AppWall VA policy to the AppWall appliance production environment, since AppWall VA is identical in features and capabilities to the form factors. This approach simplifies the integration between the developed application and AppWall VA and shortens the deployment time of new applications and services in the virtualized and cloud data centers.
  • Alternatively, AppWall VA can be deployed in the production environment, where its advanced auto policy generation tools can be utilized to generate tailored policies for the protected application.

Integrated Web Application Security & Application Delivery

  • AppWall is an integral part of Radware's suite of Application Delivery Controller (ADC) solutions, which allows customers to augment their Web application security protection with: local and global traffic redirection, application acceleration, bandwidth management, and other application-aware services, all while benefitting from a standardized hardware platform.
  • Combining AppWall with Radware ADC solution provides a comprehensive set of availability, acceleration, and security services designed to ensure the fast, reliable, and secure delivery of mission-critical Web applications.

Maintain Business Continuity of Operations (COOP)

  • Full protection of online revenue-generating web applications against known and zero-day web attacks
  • Best solution for online businesses combining AppWall, DefensePro, ADC and APSolute Vision

Shortest Time to Protect

  • Highly granular policy creation and activation
  • Immediate policy modification upon application change

Minimal Impact to Business Services and Network

  • Low false-positives while maintaining maximum security coverage
  • Flexible deployment models to fit any network architecture

Comprehensive PCI Compliance Solution

  • Fully complies with DSS 2.0 section 6.6 requirements
  • Most advanced PCI compliance reports with action plan to achieve compliance

Best Security & Compliance Reports

  • Centralized reporting and event correction engine for historical forensics

Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Security Management

  • Automatic real-time attack protection with no need for human intervention

Role Based Web Application Security Policy

  • Support for web application role based policy to configure different inspection and enforcement policies on different user types, such as administrator, employee and customer

Single Sign-on

  • Single sign on support for multiple domains, for both sub-domains and cross-domains


  • Support for LDAP and RADIUS based authentication

Virtualization Requirements:

Minimal Requirements
Logical Disks 1
Disk Space 26 GB
vCPUs 2
Network vInterfaces 2
Recommended Requirements
vCPUs 4
Network vInterfaces 2
Supported Virtualization Environments VMware ESX or ESXi 5.0/5.5


Download the Radware AppWall Datasheet (PDF).

Download the Radware AppWall Technical Specifications Datasheet (PDF).


Radware Products
AppWall Series
Radware AppWall Virtual Appliance
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