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Application Delivery Controller & DNS Load Balancing Solutions

Built From the Ground up to Guarantee Application SLA

If your organization is using business applications from Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM, VMware or other popular vendors, you need to deliver lightning quick response times, 24x7 availability, seamless access from multiple locations and have bullet-proof enterprise network security. Radware helps you meet these challenges with a unique set of application delivery and load balancing products.

Radware's application delivery controller (ADC) and application load balancing solutions allow you to simplify operations while ensuring resilience and SLA. They feature a future-proof, application-aware approach to deploying and managing applications. They provide advanced and comprehensive application delivery capabilities to ensure 24/7 availability, performance and security of mission-critical applications. Our Virtualized Application Delivery Infrastructure (VADI) transforms ADC services, computing resources and virtualization services into an integrated application delivery virtualization infrastructure. This virtual load balancer extends our ADC solution for the virtual data center and cloud load balancing environments.

Additional features of Radware's application delivery solutions include the following:

Guaranteed application availability under any circumstances
Guaranteed application availability under any circumstances – with application aware traffic redirection capabilities

Multi-site global server load balancing solution
Multi-site global server load balancing solution – to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery

Faster web application response time
Faster web application response time

Affordable, built-in virtualization
Affordable, built-in virtualization

Application specific optimized configuration guides and configuration templates
Application specific optimized configuration guides and configuration templates with automation and reports through AppShape

Built-in application and network security
Built-in application and network security

If you're a cloud/hosting provider, take a look at our ADC-as-a-Service solution.


Application Load Balancing:

Radware's load balancing solutions, such as Alteon NG improve application delivery and availability with health monitoring, traffic redirection, global server load balancing, link high-availability and full redundancy that reduces service interruptions. With an application load balancing solution from Radware, you help protect your business reputation, productivity and profitability. Featuring full support for IPv6 and functioning as a full IPv4/6 gateway gives Alteon NG load balancing application capabilities over both networks with no need for modification.

Alteon NG load balancing solutions help prevent downtime, sluggish performance and lost performance and ensure applications are available 24/7. The efficient load balancing offered by Alteon NG helps accelerate application response time and ensure best application SLA while offloading server processing. Alteon NG is the industry-only application delivery controller built from the ground up to ensure application SLA. Our load balancing appliances free the server CPUs to deal with additional requests, increasing performance and speed for those who need it. Alteon NG is an advanced server load balancing appliance that provides future-proof capabilities, scalability and performance for your network. Featuring a complete selection of services that ensure mission-critical applications in the data center are up and running to performance standards, Alteon NG is an indispensable part of any infrastructure and an important component to business continuity and disaster recovery efforts.

Maximizing Continuity with Server Load Balancing & Application Delivery

One important benefit with Alteon NG is business continuity – ensured with the application delivery device's advanced multi-site global server load balancing functionality. In order to maintain business reputation, profitability and productivity it is necessary to ensure that your applications and sites are available 24/7. During peak usage times, or during unexpected spikes in use, systems can fail. Preventing this frustrating experience requires a server load balancing and application delivery solution that specializes in disaster recovery and absolute availability.

The load balancing capabilities of Alteon NG ensures that your applications are available even at times of peak traffic - fostering reliability and trust in your network, and optimizing your data center performance. Alteon manages your resources for reliable uptime and availability. During times of high demand, Alteon NG is able to identify, in real-time, faulty elements and bypass them. From application failures to server or site failure, Alteon NG diagnoses the problem and corrects it to maintain session persistency. Powered by state-of-the-art, custom-designed hardware platforms that can be scaled to fit any need, Alteon NG revolutionizes load balancing and data center performance.


Fast and Economical Global Application Delivery & Load Balancing

LinkProof, Radware's wan application load balancing multi-homing solution, optimizes centralized application delivery across the WAN, so that business can happen everywhere, at the speed of opportunity. By ensuring optimal utilization of multiple WAN connections, it provides reliable and scalable application delivery over multiple WAN links.

LinkProof link load balancers provide remote users with maximum availability and performance for business-critical applications that are hosted in the data center. It lets you choose the connectivity performance/cost ratio you need and enables complete service provider independence by eliminating the complexity of network protocols such as border gateway protocol (BGP). It facilitates easy and immediate line/bandwidth enhancement without any application downtime. LinkProof combines the functionality of:

  • Multilink WAN connection traffic management
  • Application-based link selection
  • Bandwidth management
  • Cost-based link optimization

This cohesive WAN optimization solution offers a way to optimize critical application delivery from a central data center across the WAN. By delivering on the promise of centrally hosted/globally delivered applications, LinkProof ensures enhanced productivity and fluent business transaction at every point across the WAN.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery:

100% Availability for Critical Web-Enabled Applications

Radware provides holistic BC solutions including server load balancing that meet the varying needs of these environments. A server load balancing solution from Radware helps your network avoid unnecessary strain, increasing uptime and efficiency.

Continuous Access for Data Centers

By fully leveraging multiple enterprise data centers with superior global re-direction, you can ensure continuous Internet access with WAN optimization and high-availability WAN connectivity. Radware's approach to optimizing the delivery of applications over IP networks uses a host of integrated application delivery services including:

  • Bandwidth management
  • Denial of Service (DoS)
  • Health monitoring
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Server load balancing
  • Traffic redirection
  • Traffic shaping

Fully optimizing globally distributed resources is critical to ensuring effective business continuity and disaster recovery – as well as increasing business productivity and maximizing return on IT infrastructure investment. For multiple data center environments, Radware offers superior global re-direction technology as part of its core application delivery solutions. These server optimization solutions ensure no downtime or lost transactions and deliver the fastest application response times.

Global Load Balancing Capabilities

Radware's global load balancing provides transparent re-direction between multiple data centers for backup disaster recovery (DR) sites. In many instances, these sites are used as an active site (during normal online operations) in tandem with a main IT facility to capitalize on IT investments. Most DR site solutions are passive, focusing on the replication of data and/or applications between DR and online sites, so that one site can immediately take over in case the other goes down. Another crucial aspect of this seamless fail-over is the mechanism that automatically redirects application-user requests and traffic streams to the back-up site when the main facility goes down (including the automatic detection of this failure). Having an active-active configuration optimizes resources and ensures business continuity, providing the greatest return on investment (ROI).

Consider the following issues when deciding to integrate global re-direction in a BC solution:

  • Do customers, employees and business partners need to be redirected from the failed site to the back-up site in a matter of seconds?
  • Is more than one application being hosted at each site?
  • Does the back-up site need to be active, operating in tandem with the main facility?

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," then global load balancing with re-direction is a required DR capability. It's needed to address failures, as well as to ensure that users are directed to the site delivering the best user experience in terms of fast response time and transaction continuity. Improved user experience and transparency can be achieved using solutions armed with advanced re-direction methods.

Multi-Tier Global Application Load Balancing

Radware's multi-tier global application load balancing architecture delivers fast user response time and application/transaction persistency to ensure transaction completeness, session consistency and end-user satisfaction. This approach overcomes domain name system (DNS) failures using three re-direction approaches with Radware's ADC. By communicating and sharing site information, businesses are ensured that each step of the global re-direction is achieved. Site selection and BC are achieved by assessing

  • Reach
  • Site selection (based on server load, hops, and latency)
  • Re-direction (application re-direction techniques include HTTP, RTSP, Triangulation, SIP, and Client NAT)

DNS Load Balancing & Resolution: Radware's ADC, acting as a DNS server, communicates with the client's DNS server to determine the site that best answers the client's request based on load and proximity.

Global Application Re-Direction: Radware's ADC communicates with the client to determine the best site based on load, persistency and content. Its load balancing appliance uses re-direction methods such as Client NAT, DNS, Global Triangulation, HTTP and RTSP to correct inferior site selection made by the DNS server.

Local Server Selection: Radware's ADC selects the best local server for the client's request based on persistency content, server load and availability.

Load Balancing Solution: Radware offers load balancing and application delivery solutions that keep your network running efficiently. By directing client requests and actions to the most efficient available server, your networks are saved unnecessary strain. Alteon NG features advanced load balancing technology that eliminate traffic surges, server bottlenecks, disconnects and downtime.

Addressing the Risk of Internet and WAN Disruptions

Radware also provides WAN optimization with a high-availability network path re-direction solution. Although Internet service providers (ISPs) have made significant strides in providing continuous service in the wake of disasters, outages still occur and are likely to remain a reality, as long as human error, malice, natural disasters, and business rivalry persist. The simplest and most effective approach to dealing with WAN and Internet reliability issues is the concept of multi-homing, also referred to as Multi-WAN switching.

A multi-homed corporate network uses more than one link and/or service provider to connect to the outside world (i.e., Internet or WAN) or to interconnect between sites. The basic premise is that while little control can be maintained over the continuity of service of a single provider over a single link, introducing diversity through multiple links provisioned over varied physical and logical paths into the Internet can significantly reduce the statistical likelihood of downtime. Although the concept of a back-up link isn't novel, low-cost, LinkProof wan optimization solution is. This multi wan load balancing provides:

  • Immediate detection of link failures and automatic fail-over to an available link, so that the transition is transparent to users
  • Use of varied link types (e.g., T1 Frame Relay combined with ADSL broadband) through a single device to create cost-effective, yet resilient, networks
  • Simultaneous utilization of all available links and bandwidth (load balancing), so that connectivity costs aren't wasted on a "dark" or poorly utilized back-up lines
  • No ISP hassles – ISP cooperation is not required as different IP address spaces issued by different providers can be supported

LinkProof's multi-WAN switches provide a quicker return on investment (ROI) than previous approaches to multi-homing, such as border gateway protocol (BGP). Savings are realized through lower implementation and maintenance costs, as well as through more cost-effective use of available bandwidth, resulting in lower monthly connectivity bills. LinkProof lets you introduce back-up links to support your business continuity strategy. Real-time health checks of all available WAN paths ensure immediate fail-over to a functional link in the case of service outages, so that data, applications and web sites are available 24/7, without compromising the performance of any of the applications delivered over the network.